Sticky Stickman Loves candy, but he has a problem, he's got bubble gum all over his hands!!

Help Sticky collect as much candy as possible by moving his sticky bubble gum hands to grab as much as possible.

Easy to play, hard to master!

Unique Gameplay
Bubble Gum Hands 👐
Tap and swipe Sticky's hands to climb up your screen and avoid obstacles.
Collect all the Candy 🍬
As you climb grab all the candy you can to get a high score!
Easy to Play
Sticky Stickman starts of slow, with basic obstacles.
Hard to Master
Don't get too comfortable because Sticky Stickman quickly speeds up, with moving and spinning obstacles, can you become #1?
Global Leaderboard
See where you rank in our global leaderboard, can you be number one?
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App Store Reviews
Best game ever! - hey bo hey bo bo
So adictave, can't stop playing.
Good fun!- tonks37
Love all the cute lollies in the game. Also like the colour of the hands changing as different bubble gums are picked-up 😁👍🏼!